Fallout (Crank #3) – Ellen Hopkins

*If you have yet to read my reviews of Crank & Glass I will link them down below for your reading pleasure.*

“It’s just so hard to feel good, you know?” I do know. And more than that, it’s just so incredibly hard to feel.”

In the final installment of the Crank trilogy we meet up with Kristina’s three children, nineteen years after Kristina first met the monster. Hunter, Summer & Autumn have all suffered the consequences of Kristina’s terrible decisions & each live in a different home & have a different last name. This novel shows how addiction never just affects one person.

This novel gave me a harsh reminder as to why I don’t like series. I felt that Fallout was an unnecessary addition to this story. I would have been much happier to see this series as a duology as opposed to a trilogy. Although I did enjoy having a chance to meet Kristina’s children, each story line was nearly impossible to follow & about half way through I finally had to search up a character list in order to get some clarity. I think that if Ellen Hopkins really wanted to do this book she should have only written from Hunter, Kristina’s first born’s point of view.

You should never have to feel like you are being slowly dragged through a book, especially when you are currently in a 40 book challenge (#kristenandkelseysfortybookchallenge).

Although the ending wasn’t the one that I had needed, overall I really enjoyed this series & am looking forward to starting the Burned duology very soon.

Book 19/40

3/5 Stars

Finished July 1st/2017

Kristen & Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge 

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