Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush #1) – Becca Fitzpatrick (Buddy Read)

“You possess other people’s…bodies.”

He accepted that statement with a nod.

“Do you want to possess my body?”

“I want to do a lot of things to your body, but that’s not one of them.”

*As this was a buddy read I will link Kristen’s review down below*

When Nora & Patch meet for the first time in their biology class, Nora wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Patch asks too many questions & is just a little bit on the arrogant side. But none the less, Nora can feel Patch pulling her closer & closer. After a variety of terrifying events occur, Nora isn’t sure if she should push Patch away or keep him close. Patch knows more about her than even her closest friends & maybe that’s not such a good thing.

I read this book quite a few years ago but never got around to finishing the tetralogy. So when Kristen wanted to tackle this series as apart of our buddy reads I couldn’t refuse. I already own all the books so why not.

Patch. I loved him then & I loved him even more the second time around. There is something about that bad boy element that just makes my heart race. He’s such a charmer & I just ship him & Nora together so hard. Although I was slightly skeptical of him at the beginning I grew to truly appreciate his character as the story progressed. Patch also had the best one liners that kept making me go DAMN BOY. The story itself took me a little while to get into but about half way through I couldn’t put it down. It’s just so gripping & even though I had read it before there were still so many shocking moments. One of my favorite scenes is when Patch offers to make Nora tacos. Like I want a boy who offers to make me tacos!

Although I’m not much of a fantasy reader I’m definitely enjoying this series so far. Kristen & I will be continuing with this series next month so stay tuned for our reviews of Crescendo.

Book 18/40

5/5 Stars

Finished June 22nd /2017

Kristen & Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge 

Check out my beautiful friend Kristen’s Blog and her Instagram to see how she is doing!

Kristen’s Review




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