I Was Here: Gayle Forman (Buddy Read)

“I failed her in life. But I won’t fail her in death.”

*As this was a buddy read I will link Kristen’s review down below*

*This book does deal with suicide. Please be advised before you give it a read.*

When Cody’s best friend Meg commits suicide Cody is left behind to pick up the broken pieces. Her & Meg shared everything together, but this was one thing Meg kept to herself. So when Meg’s parents ask Cody to make a trip down to the college to pack up Meg’s things, Cody decides to do some investigating. Through Meg’s college friends, her past lover Ben & some secret emails, Cody gets an insight into why Meg decided to leave this world behind.

When my friend Kristen brought up the idea of doing a “buddy read” I was immediately in. I liked the idea of not having to worry about spoiling the book & being able to have a good discussion about it. Also, in the end we realized that we had many similar feelings about the book. If you are interested in reading her review, I will link it down below!

Okay, I don’t usually do this, but I need to rant. I usually try not to rant & always see the good in every book, but this one just didn’t have much good. To start off, Cody is one of the blandest characters I’ve ever met. This story is supposed to be about her grieving the loss of  her “best friend” but she really doesn’t grieve at all until the very end. Cody has no real dimension or even emotion for that matter. Then when Meg’s parents ask her to head to college & pack up Meg’s stuff, Cody just decides to snoop through her emails. It doesn’t feel like she even cares that her best friend committed suicide, she’s just here to play Nancy Drew.

Now, lets talk about Cody & Ben. They decide to go on a road trip together in the hopes of getting some answers to their questions. Meanwhile, while they are there they decide to go & visit Cody’s Dad whose not really in the picture. But does she talk to him? No. Does she even leave the car? Definitely not. Like the whole scene kinda just felt forced & unnecessary. I understand what the author was trying to do but it just wasn’t executed correctly. Also, does no one in this book have any respect for Meg??? She’s just committed suicide & her “best friend” & past lover are just shacking up in a motel room. Then when Cody realizes that’s she’s messed up she just leaves Ben to drive back alone while Cody books a flight home. Like seriously? You couldn’t even be in the same vehicle as him *eye rolls for 27 years*.

This book was a ride I never asked to be on & one that I just couldn’t get off.

I adore Gayle Forman as an author, but I Was Here just didn’t live up to her usual standards. Although the premise was great, the story line just lacked so many things. If you are looking for a good Gayle Forman read I highly suggest either If I Stay or Just One Day, those will not leave you as disappointed as this one left me.

Book 16/40

2/5 Stars

Finished June 8th/2017

Kristen & Kelsey’s 40 Book Challenge 

Check out my beautiful friend Kristen’s Blog and her Instagram to see how she is doing!

Kristen’s Rant


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