Girl Online Going Solo (Girl Online #3) – Zoe Sugg

“One thing I’ve learnt recently is that blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.”
*If you have yet to read my reviews of Girl Online & Girl Online On Tour I will link them down below for your reading pleasure.*
In the third book of the Girl Online series we are reunited with Penny once again. As Penny gets ready to go back to school its time for her to leave Noah behind. Noah has decided to end his world tour early & has disappeared from society. When Penny gets invited to visit her friend Megan at her performing arts school, Penny decides to go in the attempt to meet new people & make some new friends. There she meets Posey & Callum & they seem like the perfect fit in her life. But is Penny really ready to let Noah go & let her new friends in?
Okay. So here’s the thing.
I went into this novel with extremely high hopes. The last two books were incredible & when I heard that a third one was on the way I knew it would fit in beautifully with this series. But unfortunately half way through I got a little bored & couldn’t wait to be at the end. I felt like there were similar traits between Callum & Noah that it just made it seem like she was still dating Noah. Also I feel like close to the end Penny just seems to leave Callum behind which was a bit puzzling to me. The one that I really did love was the story line that Zoe gave Elliot. Elliot has been one of my favorite characters from the beginning & I just loved where they took his story with his boyfriend Alex. Zoe Sugg is a lovely writer & I’ve enjoyed living inside this series. I’ve been hearing rumors of a fourth book which I’m hoping would leave this series better than this third book.

Book 14/40

4/5 Stars

Finished May 5th/2017

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Girl Online

Girl Online On Tour


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